18th Century Tea Caddy

This is a 12th Scale late 18th Century Tea Caddy is made from beautiful cocobola wood. It has boxwood banding and key hole, with a round brass handle on the top 

Price: £32.00


18th Century Oval Tea Caddy with Shell Inlay

  This late 18th century tea caddy is made from myrtle wood, with per rosa, boxwood and ebony cross banding.

There are two shells inlaid to the front of the caddy and a larger single shell on the lid, each made in boxwood, holly and green dyed sycamore wood.

The hinged lid opens to reveal an inner lid, originally used to keep the tea leaves fresh in what would have been a lead lined cavity. 

Price: £72.00


18th Century Oval Tea Caddy with Shell inlay

 This is an 18th Century Oval shaped Tea Caddy with a shell inlay.

The box/inner lid is made from burr wood, with ebony and boxwood banding. The shell is made from boxwood and holly with dyed green sycamore wood shell surround.

The hinged lid reveals a removable inner lid which would have kept the tea leaves fresh in a lead lined cavity.  

Price: £52.00