19th Century French Urn Clock Lapis Lazuli


19th Century French Urn Clock Malachite


This working 12th scale miniature clock is based on an early nineteenth century french urn clock, this is available in three colors and materials, faux Malachite, faux Lapis Lazuli and a gold plated bronze,all of the finials and base of these clocks are made from gold plated bronze. 

These clocks all have high quality swiss movements.

Dimensions: (approx)

Height: 37mm

Dial Diameter: 11mm 

Price: £225.00


19th Century French Urn Clock Gold Plated Bronze


19th Century Four Panel Clock



This working Four Panel French Mantle Clock has a brass gold plated case, with polished bevelled glass.

The beautiful panels are engraved and infilled by hand with a metallic paint, depicting Japanese scenes to all four panels, we have a black, white and a red style of this clock.  

The clock runs on a quality swiss movement.  

Dimensions: (approx)

Height: 25mm

Width: 18mm

Depth: 15mm

Price: £160.00



Georgian Inverted Bell Top with Square Dial



Georgian Bracket Clock with square dial, c1720 made from Burr wood, the dial is engraved and silvered with applied brass spandrels and a working brass handle to the top of the case. Brass side panels encase a red fabric that mimics the design of the original clock.

Price: £160.00


17th Century Dome Top Ebony Bracket Clock

ebony wood 12th scale dolls house clock,wooden working dolls house clock in 12th scale decorative


This working bracket clock is made in ebony.   

The dial is engraved and silvered, the hands are made in brass and then coloured black, this clock is available in burr and ebony wood. All the fittings-the handles and lock plates-are made by me in brass. The decorative brass fretwork panels on the door and sides are filled red, to replicate the silk that would have lined the case to stop the dust getting in.

Dimensions: (approx)

Height: 30.5mm + handle height

Width: 22mm

Depth: 15.5mm

Price: £160.00



19th Century Lantern Mantel Clock



This 12th scale working dolls house miniature clock, is a Georgian Victorian lantern mantle clock. 

It has over fifty individual parts that are all handmade by me

Dimensions: (approx)

Height: 40mm

Dial Diameter: 13mm

Price: £250.00


17th Century Burr Wood Dome Top Bracket Top

wooden working dolls house clock, 12th scale miniature clock in burr wood. clock has decorative bras


This working dolls house miniature is made in burr wood, the dial is engraved and silvered with applied cherub head spandrels in the corners, it has brass finials, feet and escutchions, and brass fretwork panels, which have been filled red, to the sides and the top of the door.

Dimensions: (approx)

Height: 35mm with handle raised

Width: 22mm

Depth: 16mm

Price: £160.00




19th Century French Bronze Ormolu Mantle Clock c.1815



 This 12th Scale working miniature clock is a perfect copy of a full size Ormolu clock that I own. Inspiration for this type of sculptural clock, came from Greek Roman mythology. The female figure is the personification of imagination, she is taking notes with her feather quill, and re-interpreting the familiar into something new.The wreath, book and lyre, represent Appollo, God of the Arts and Science.This clock consists of over 20 individual pieces, all hand engraved and cut by me, there are no cast or etched parts, that includes the clock dial and hands.

Dimensions: (approx)

Height: 40mm

Width: 24mm

Depth: 10mm

Price £750.00 (no longer available)