18th Century Chinoiserie Longcase Clock

 This working 12th scale long case is based on a clock that I actually own. This clock is painted in gold acyrlic on a black lacquered case, with a Chinese mythical scene. 

It has an engraved brass dial with handmmde applied spandrels and a moon dial, and the trunk door opens to reveal a brass pendulum and weights.

Dimensions: (approx)



Price: £575.00 - Last clock is now sold - if any interest please email for availability

17th Century William and Mary 'Bird and Flower' Marquetry

All of the individual parts of this 12th scale longcase clock were made by me, there are over four hundred minute pieces of marquetry in this clock, with the flowers and birds that you can see on the door and the stringing and cross banding on the case. All of the woods you can see are natural, no dyes or paints were used. The barley twist pillars are both left and right hand and have brass capitals. The chapter ring is brass and is engraved and silvered. The dial has large cherub head spandrels and the hands are copies of a pair of 17th century hands. One of Halls Miniature Clocks finest Longcase clocks 

Dimensions: (approx)

Height: 170mm

Width: 38mm

Price: £1,350.00 - Sorry last clock has sold...

17th Century Burr Wood Longcase Clock

This is a 12th scale working dolls house miniature clock. The door and lower panel have a Burr wood inset, with olive wood cross banding to the front and sides of the clock, and to the door. The trunk door opens to reveal a brass pendulum and weights.

The pillars have brass capitals and there is a brass fretwork panel above the hood door. The clock dial is made from brass with a silvered chapter ring, the spandrels are copies of those used in this period by the celebrated clock maker Thomas Thompion.

The hands are also correct for this time period, the hood slides off to make it easy to change the battery of this working clock.

Everything on this clock is made by me, apart from the good quality jewelled movement.

Dimensions: (approx)

Height: 160mm

Price: £450.00

17th Century Ebony Longcase

17th Century Ebony Longcase Clock c1690 This working clock is made in ebony. The hood has door pillars with brass capitals. The hood lifts off to show the brass face with spandrels and an engraved and silvered chapter ring. The hands are an exact copy of the original and work off a battery watch movement. The trunk door opens to show two brass weights and a pendulum.

Dimensions: (approx)

Height: 178mm

Width: 40mm

Depth: 23mm

Price: £450.00

18th Century Oak Longcase

This working clock is made in hardwood which looks like miniature dark oak. The hood has door pillars with brass capitals. The brass dial is Engraved and Silvered and has a date aperture. It has brass spandrels to each corner. The painted dial has a painted castle to the centre and decoration to the corners copied from the original dial. This is a 30 hour clock and would have been wound daily by the rope and single weight inside the trunk door. There is a brass escutcheon with key and brass hinges to trunk door. 

Dimensions: (approx)

Height: 160mm

Width: 43mm

Depth: 22mm

Price: £225.00

17th Century Parquetry Longcase Clock

This working Longcase clock is inlayed with Blackwood and Boxwood with Olivewood cross banding to front and sides. It has bun feet. The opening door shows a brass pendulum and weights. The hood is removable. The dial is brass with applied cherub head spandrels. It has an engraved and silvered chapter ring and blackened hands.

Dimensions: (approx)  

Height: 155mm

Price: £650.00